It is vital to get a police report at the scene of an accident.   With the exception of the most minor fender benders, call 911 and ask for the police to come to the scene of the accident.

The police accident report identifies the defendant and places the driver at the scene of the accident.  Without a report, a defendant may claim that he or she was not present.  The police report eliminates that possible defense.  Also, in the event that the defendant either runs from the scene or lacks insurance, you need a police report to collect uninsured motorist coverage from your insurance company for your injuries.

Clients report that the police do not always come to the scene of the accident, unless there is an injury that requires an ambulance.  If you are injured, demand the police and ambulance come to the accident to assist you.  When the police do not arrive, take photos of the defendant’s vehicle, license plate, vehicle registration and drivers’ license with your cellphone.