New York has seen a rash of fires caused by defective lithium ion batteries for e-bikes. These e-bikes were being charged within an apartment, and there have been deadly fires.

New York’s army of bike deliverers use e-bikes for food and other deliveries, such as from drug stores. Many own their bikes, use the bikes for transportation, and take them home for charging.

New York’s Fire Department has requested that warning signs be posted against charging the batteries indoors. 

A battery can be a fire hazard if:

  • The battery is swollen;
  • The battery has not passed the safety requirements of the Underwriters Laboratory
  • The battery is smoking.

This has become such a large problem that New York City Housing Authority is thinking about having charging stations outside the buildings.

This problem also occurs with scooters.

Also, many apartment houses are not wired to handle the large amount of electricity required to charge the battery.

We recommend extreme caution in charging these batteries.

If you have been injured in a lithium ion battery fire, please call us.