School Failed for Weeks to Cooperate With Investigation

A dog bite incident at the Chapin School on the Upper East Side recently made news when school administrators failed for weeks to reveal the identity of the dog’s owner. Mark E. Seitelman Law Offices now represents the young victim and his family.

Dr. Kent Dunn was walking his son, Elias, to a swim lesson on the afternoon of March 16, when a 53-pound Portuguese Water Dog bit the 6-year-old outside the school on East 84th Street.

“My leg really, really hurts, I can’t walk,” Elias said, according to his dad. A woman thought to be a school administrator told Dunn to leave and threatened to call security, while the dog’s owner disappeared without giving his name, Dunn says.

Elias received tetanus and rabies shots. The family hired Mark E. Seitelman Law Offices, which asked Chapin School for the dog owner’s name, but it took six weeks for the school to reveal the owner’s identity. The school’s failure to cooperate was reported in the New York Post.

The law requires schools to protect students from potential risks and injuries on their premises during school hours. If your child is injured at school, the attorneys at Mark E. Seitelman Law Offices – at 212-962-2649 – will fight aggressively and effectively for your family’s rights.