Experienced New York personal injury lawyer Mark E. Seitelman was recently featured in an article published in the New York Law Journal. The article goes in-depth on the state of vacations in the world of law. In a Post-COVID world, hybrid workplaces have blurred the lines between traditional law firm culture, leading to questions about how law firms operate when vacations arise. According to Attorney Seitelman, a vacation should be considered “a planned leave from the office with no set obligations for the office.” Seitelman’s peers and cohorts seem to share similar sentiments. The notion of vacation from the law office has significantly changed, largely due to health and safety concerns and wanting to be close to home. However, many lawyers agree that vacations are crucial to recharging and reducing stress – potentially leading to better productivity at work.

Website: https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2022/07/22/vacations-now-and-then/