Motorcycle accidents often leave the victims with devastating consequences, including life-changing injuries, substantial injuries, and even lost wages. Motorcyclists lack the surrounding protective structures drivers have, so they bear the brunt of motorcycle accidents.

So, it’s essential to know the most common causes of these accidents to protect yourself against them. Manhattan motorcycle accident lawyers can take you through the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured and want compensation, they can also aggressively fight to help you get a fair settlement.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

An enjoyable motorcycle ride can suddenly become disastrous due to many factors. One wrong decision by a negligent driver can change your life forever. Due to those wrong decisions, the following motorcycle accidents arise:

Cars Making Left-Hand Turns

Accidents arising from collisions between cars making left-hand turns and motorcycles are common and often fatal. The vehicles typically strike incoming motorcycles in intersections, with the crash happening due to the following:

  • A motorcycle trying to overtake a car
  • Driver distraction
  • Low visibility makes it hard for drivers to see and judge the speed of the motorcycle
  • Motorcyclist going straight through an intersection

The laws on making left turns are clear, stipulating that drivers that want to make a left turn must give way to oncoming traffic. So, the driver who hits a motorcyclist while turning left will most likely be at fault. Proving liability may not always be straightforward, hence the need to consult New York motorcycle accident lawyers if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Speeding by the Motorcyclist

The acceleration rate of motorcycles is thrilling, but speeding is one of the highest causes of motorcycle accidents globally. Speed-related motorcycle crashes happen due to the following:

  • Poor road conditions that make it hard to control the motorcycle at high speed, for example, gravel in corners or seams in the road
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Low skill levels in the rider

Preventing speed-related motorcycle accidents is possible, no matter how clear the roads are or how much control of the bike you think you have. Excessive speed is a danger to motorcyclists and other road users, and pursuing compensation can be challenging if a motorcyclist is found to have violated speed rules when they got into an accident.

Lane-Switching Motorcycle Accidents

Lane-switching accidents are common on four-lane roads and happen when a car begins to merge into a lane when next right to a motorcycle. In most cases, the driver is not paying attention or lacks clear visibility, hence failing to see the bike. It’s easy for motorcycles to become obscured in the blind spot of a driver’s car.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles are common, and most accidents are fatal to the motorcyclist. Depending on the accident’s impact, the motorcyclist can be thrown into the air or crash in a head-on collision. Accidents often occur at high speeds, meaning the chances of severe injuries or death are high for cyclists.

New York motorcycle accident attorneys can help you determine liability and hold the negligent driver liable for the damages. However, you must show that you were observing traffic rules during the accident to successfully file a compensation claim against the negligent driver.

Lane Splitting by the Motorcyclist

When motorcycle rider drives between two lanes of cars, usually during a traffic jam, they can quickly get into an accident because the bike is too close to other vehicles on the road. The cyclist has less space to maneuver around the cars. Besides, the drivers don’t expect a motorcycle to pass them in a traffic jam.

Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, not all drivers pay attention on the road while driving. While you may do everything possible to remain safe, other road users may not be doing the same for various reasons. Today, there are many causes of driver distraction, including but not limited to the following:

  • Podcasts
  • Music
  • Food
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Phone calls and general inattention

Distracted driving is estimated to cause at least 10% of all fatal roadway crashes in the United States. Bikers and drivers should always be on high alert to reduce the threat of collision due to distracted driving.

What Are Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries I Can Include in a Claim?

Many motorcyclists sustain severe injuries after a motorcycle accident, some of which can cause permanent brain damage. The injuries can result in life-long disability, bringing your career to a halt while reducing the quality of life.

Other common motorcycle accident injuries are:

  • Broken or fractured bones: While the injuries are common in most accidents, they can cause significant damage, especially if several bones are broken at once. The victim can acquire permanent health issues as a result.
  • Road rash: A collision can throw a motorcyclist from their bike onto the road, causing road rash or road burn. The injury shears away the victim’s exposed skin by the friction of being dragged along the surface at high speed.
  • Spine injuries: Most motorcycle accidents cause severe injuries to the spine due to the high impact of the crash. Severe trauma to the spinal cord can lead to sensory problems or even paralysis in some cases.
  • Internal injuries: While injuries may not be evident in some motorcycle accidents, sometimes a victim can sustain internal injuries which vary in severity and location.

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, get medical help even if you’re not in pain. Then, contact a skilled motorcycle accident attorney in New York for assistance in pursuing legal action. They can assess the extent of damage and help you create a solid case to seek compensation for the injuries.

A Compassionate PI Lawyer Helping You File a Compensation Claim

Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons, but regardless of the cause, they can lead to devastating consequences and sometimes cause death. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or lost a loved one, you should contact experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in New York. They can provide legal counsel and representation in seeking compensation.

Our personal injury lawyers in New York have years of experience representing injured riders after motorcycle accidents caused by negligent riders. We put our best foot forward in gathering the necessary evidence to create a strong case for our clients. After an accident, you should focus on getting better while an expert handles the legal part. Talk to us to get started.