Over 600,000 people ride in taxis in New York City every day, so it’s not difficult to get into an accident with a taxi. If you’re injured in an accident that involves a taxi, discuss your options and rights promptly with a New York taxi accident attorney at the Mark E. Seitelman Law Offices.

According to the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, more than 50,000 taxi drivers work in New York City. They drive an average of 9.5 hours per day and provide 236 million taxi rides to New York City’s residents and visitors every year.

If You Were Not a Passenger

If you are injured by a negligent taxicab driver as either a driver or passenger in another vehicle, or if you’re injured by a negligent cab driver as a pedestrian, you are entitled by law to monetary compensation for your injuries.

However, being entitled to compensation doesn’t mean that money simply appears in your bank account or mailbox. You may have to prove your injury claim to recover your compensation, and to do that, you’ll need the advice and services of a personal injury lawyer in New York City.

When Are Taxi Passengers Entitled to Compensation?

However, what if you are a taxicab passenger when an accident happens? You are entitled under New York law to compensation for the injuries you sustain as a taxicab passenger if:

  • You were injured because the cab driver took you to the wrong location.
  • The cab driver injured your foot by driving off recklessly.
  • The cab driver caused a collision by being distracted, negligent, or intoxicated.
  • Another negligent motorist collided into the cab when you were in it.

New York City taxicabs and car services are required by law to carry at least $100,000 of insurance coverage for individual persons and $300,000 of coverage for groups. Thus, if one person is injured in a taxi accident, the potential insurance coverage is $100,000.

If multiple persons were injured, the victims as a group would qualify for insurance coverage up to $300,000. New York City’s unlicensed, private taxis – the “gypsy” cabs – have only a $25,000 minimum coverage requirement for individuals and a $50,000 minimum requirement for groups.

Take These Steps After a Taxicab Accident

When you ride in a New York taxi, copy the driver’s name and taxi number from the placards on the Plexiglas partition. This ensures that you can identify the cab driver if necessary after a serious accident.

If you’re a passenger and you’re injured, call for medical and police assistance. Obtain immediate medical attention. Talk to the officers and make sure that you can obtain a printout of their written accident report.

Also, try to obtain eyewitnesses’ names and a way to contact them, and take as many photos as you can of the accident scene, the vehicle damage, and your visible injuries. Photos and eyewitness statements can be powerful evidence in support of your personal injury claim.

Should You Take Legal Action?

Your first consultation with a New York taxi accident attorney is free, and there’s no obligation. Your attorney will help you decide if you should pursue a personal injury claim.

Taxicab passengers who have been injured pay no lawyer’s fee up front to the Mark E. Seitelman Law Offices. We get paid when you get compensated, and if for any reason you do not recover compensation, you’ll owe us nothing.

In or near New York City, if you’ve been injured as a taxicab passenger, call the Mark E. Seitelman Law Offices now to launch the legal process or to learn more about your legal rights and options.