The destruction of, or major damage to, one’s home is very traumatic.

We understand that hardship and will help you to put the pieces back together.

Major damage to your house or apartment may include:

  • Water damage – including flood damage
  • Wind damage
  • Fire damage
  • Explosion damage

Your insurance policies must be carefully reviewed against the nature of your loss to determine whether your loss, or cause of loss, is covered.

For example, most homeowners’ insurance policies exclude coverage for flood due to rising waters and overflows from oceans, harbors, rivers, etc. However, if flooding caused a boiler to explode and said explosion caused a fire which destroyed the house, there may be coverage for the damaged building.

Another consideration is whether your insurance provides coverage for “actual cash value” or “cost of repair/replacement.” This important distinction will determine what the insurance company will pay for your loss.

An “actual cash value” valuation may not offer enough money to fully repair or restore your home. However, “cost of repair/replacement” coverage should provide you with greater financial protection. Our firm has handled numerous cases involving valuation disputes.

If your insurance company denies your claim, it must send you a letter of denial. We will carefully review the denial and compare it to the terms of your insurance policy to determine whether legal action is necessary.

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