New York personal injury attorney Mark E. Seitelman was interviewed about client-attorney relationships in the March 7, 2022, edition of the New York Law Journal. He was one of several attorneys asked about meeting prospective clients and referral sources.

Some attorneys focus on social media, while others rely on conventional networking and personal contact. Attorney Mark E. Seitelman explained how he uses both approaches to meet prospective clients and develop relationships.

“We have an Internet marketing company . . . currently updating our online marketing exposure,” he told the Journal, but he also explained that the next person who needs him could be anywhere, so he markets widely.

Building Personal Relationships Is Essential

Mark E. Seitelman and his wife, Minna, who manages and runs the business and administration side of the law office, “frequently talk about our personal injury practice with ‘regular’ people, such as cabdrivers, store clerks, etc. We usually carry and give out calendar cards and other promotional items.”

He admits the coronavirus pandemic hurt their ability to meet potential clients personally. “When our social events came to a halt, it caused us to rethink our web presence and to seek more cases/clients from the web.” Attorney Seitelman also reaches out to other lawyers for referrals.

All of the attorneys interviewed by the Journal agreed that building strong, personal client-attorney relationships is the key to success – for clients as well as attorneys.

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