Experienced New York personal injury lawyer Mark E. Seitelman is featured in an article published by the New York Law Journal. The article describes the all-important client review process – a major key in instilling trust and knowledge for clients of law firms. Because nearly every prospective client who reads reviews also reads the responses to those reviews left by lawyers, acknowledging any kind of feedback can be critical. Attorney Seitelman states, “I thank them individually. Google allows you to reply and to thank the reviewer publicly on the review. I usually say, “Thank you, Ms. Jones, for the kind comments. It was an honor having you as a client.” Other attorneys prefer to send a thank you note or give the reviewer a phone call instead of publicly thanking reviewers. However, handling a negative review by answering publicly is critical to negating the potential effects of a poor review. Ultimately, reviews are key tools for budding lawyers and law firms to give clients a first impression. Knowing how to navigate the review process and leverage it can help build credibility and trust in an online world.

Website: https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2022/05/06/b2c-lawyers-create-online-trust-with-client-reviews/